Prayer Crusade for Vocations

Knights of the Southern Cross – 12th National
Prayer Crusade for Vocations

We invite all Catholic Organisations and individual Catholics throughout Australia to join us in our 12th National Prayer Crusade to pray for an increase in the number of Catholics willing to serve the Church in the priesthood, diaconate and religious life (including service as Catholic Chaplains in the Australian Military Services).

Your prayers during the 11 crusades conducted so far have been fruitful and we pray that more young people (and others) will consider a religious vocation during this year. In relation to Catholic Chaplains, 3 priests have become chaplains this year but 3 have also completed their term of duty. 1 candidate is currently in training to become a chaplain as a permanent deacon and 1 ADF member is expected to begin training as a permanent deacon this year. There is still an urgent need for priests, deacons and religious brothers and sisters throughout Australia, particularly in the case of Catholic Chaplains, who are needed to look after the welfare of servicemen and servicewomen serving with the Australian Military Services in Australia and overseas and their families. Full-time and part-time chaplains are needed.

By praying for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and diaconate, we hope to be able to relieve the situation throughout Australia thereby enabling additional priests and deacons to be available for service as Catholic Chaplains in the Australian Military Services. Will you please help us in 2018?

WHEN: 2 September – 24 November 2018 (12 Weeks)

WHAT IS REQUIRED: Each organisation or individual Catholic participating is asked to say the special Crusade prayer on the Registration Form each day for 1 week during the Crusade period. You can continue for additional weeks if you wish.

TO JOIN THE CRUSADE: Simply fill out the attached Registration Form and return it by e-mail, fax or post to the National Executive Officer, Knights of the Southern Cross as soon as possible.

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